Move to the UK in four simple steps

Move to the UK from Australia: 4 Simple Steps

So you want to move to the UK? There is a lot to do before you take the leap. It can be overwhelming. To make it easier, before you get into the details of what, when and how to relocate, remember that there are only 4 main things you need to do.

This post is inspired by the simple formula of Monopoly (the game about luck, strategy and people skills): 

  • Buy property
  • Build a house
  • Turn a house into a hotel
  • WIN!

How to Leave Australia and Move to the UK

Like playing Monopoly, moving from Australia to the UK is similar:

  • Flip things
  • Move to the UK
  • Set up shop
  • LIVE!

I know it’s a little bit more complicated. Following is my simple list expanded.

Flip Things Before you Move to the UK

  • After deciding to live somewhere new – work out how much money you need.
  • Raise money by spending less, earning more and selling stuff.
  • Decide which of your possessions you are going to trash (sell or gift to others) or treasure (take with you, send over later or store until you return – if that is your plan).

Move to the UK

  • Moving from Australia to the UK to live permanently is easiest if you can get citizenship from your parents or spouse or get a UK Ancestry Visa. You can then live and work without too many restrictions on your path to obtaining UK citizenship (if that is your goal). Otherwise, there are other visa options for Aussies to get across temporarily or permanently (eventually).
  • Get a UK Ancestry Visa – our plan.
  • Get ready to go by tidying up your affairs in Australia. You need to plan and have a checklist of what you need when you get to the other side. Do not underestimate this step!
  • Understand what you are getting yourself into and how to prepare for the differences in laws, local customs and lifestyle.
  • Close up shop in Australia.
  • Fly across the world.

Set up shop

  • As soon as possible after you move to the UK, do the legal things first!
  • Get a permanent address.
  • Enrol in school/training/education.
  • Get a job.
  • Manage the risks and deal with the challenges.


  • Remember why you wanted to move to the UK. To enjoy your new life.
  • Work, rest and play with new friends.
  • Remember why you moved over (what you were excited about in the UK).
  • Remember why you left (maybe what you no longer wanted in Australia – heat, drought, spiders, endless gum trees, ridiculous airfares to go anywhere…)

The 4 steps in detail…

Moving to the UK: The Ultimate Guide

We shared a dream to move to the UK for 20 years.
We made the decision to move to the UK 9 months before moving.
We researched and planned our first 8 weeks in the UK.
We achieved all of the important elements in our first 3 months in the UK.

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Your turn. Are you thinking about moving to Scotland? Please share your thoughts below in the comments.

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