How to Manifest Moving to Scotland

Manifest your move to Scotland - Glencoe Scottish Highlands

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You can manifest moving to Scotland or any other country by using the power of your thoughts to create the experiences you desire. The power of your intention will attract the resources and opportunities you need to make your dream become a reality. You can manifest (create) your ideal life. Here’s how.

How We Manifested Moving to Scotland

On 1 January 2016, we made a New Year’s resolution to move to the UK with our two teenage sons. Within weeks of agreeing to move overseas to Scotland, we researched our options and crafted a plan. We arrived in Scotland 9 months later. 

How I Discovered my Power to Manifest

When I was 13 years old, I read Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Written in 1938, it is still one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Despite its title, the book is about thinking, growing spiritually and using all of our senses to achieve our dreams and desires. 

Hill wrote about desire, faith, auto-suggestion, imagination, organised planning, the subconscious mind and the sixth sense. His book’s core ‘secret’ is about manifesting or creating a new reality that reflects your dreams and desires. Hill believed that your thoughts create your experiences (the power of intention and law of attraction). 

Manifesting Your Dreams & Desires

Since I was young, I have been manifesting my dreams and desires. As a child, often alone with nothing more than my thoughts, I imagined what my life in Scotland would be like… 

Riding a horse over historic battlefields. Smelling grasses freshly showered by heavy rains. Touching the delicate purple flowers of the heather as I walk through valleys and over mountains. Listening to raging waterfalls. Standing still with the wind in my hair. Watching deer and squirrels. Surprised by a fish’s splash and an eagle’s swoop. The cold water and the blue skies. And the serenity. How I feel in my new homeland. 

I now live in Scotland. I moved here in 2016 with my husband and two youngest children. I am living my dream.

How to Manifest

Before sharing how we manifested our life in Scotland, I thought I would share with you my general practice of manifesting.

  • I think about what I want. What it looks like, tastes like, feels and sounds like. How I would feel after I achieve my dream. 
  • I surround myself with physical reminders and develop physical connections to fuel my imagination and the power of my mind. My brain trusts my thoughts and feelings. 
  • I take small but important actions and develop new habits, to bring me closer to my dream and new reality. 
  • I trust that the Universe will provide. And I thank the Universe for what it provides, as I know that it’s not finished with me yet.

Memories are your Past. Dreams are your Future. Imagination is your Potential.

Somone Bull
Badbea, Scotland

Ways You Can Manifest Moving to Scotland

We had been waiting for the right time to move overseas. It was a dream that we kept alive through our thoughts and actions. We knew we would live overseas one day but hadn’t decided when. We trusted the Universe would show us the way. And it did.

In hindsight, there were things that we did and opportunities that presented themselves that brought us closer to our dream…

Share your Dream

  • When we got together as a couple, we shared our dreams and desires. We had both wanted to live overseas since we were young and were both fascinated with our historical roots in the UK. We then agreed, more than 22 years ago, that we would live overseas one day. That one day, we would live in the UK. We also both believed in the power of intention. That we could manifest our ideal lifestyle, including moving to Scotland. 

Recreate the Atmosphere

  • We recreated a Scottish atmosphere for our marriage ceremony when we got married. We were living in Canberra, Australia, a place where the temperature can range from -10C in winter to +48C in summer. 
  • On a small island, we exchanged our vows shortly after sunrise, surrounded by our closest family and friends. The temperature was about -3C. The sound of the bagpipes (played by a friend) travelled through the fog, across the lake and off into the distance of the surrounding mountains. It truly did feel like we were in Scotland.

Establish a Physical Connection

  • We bought souvenir parcels of land for our third wedding anniversary at Glencoe in Scotland’s Highlands. We established a physical connection with our dream and also helped to conserve the land from future development. Since moving to Scotland, we have visited many times. It’s only a 1.5-hour drive from our home. 

Imagine & Visualise

  • Use all of your senses to imagine your life once your dream has been achieved. I imagined what it would be like standing in the Scottish Highlands. Hear, smell, see, touch and taste your dream. Write, type, draw and craft visual stimuli. 
  • Create a vision board of your future surroundings. Assemble images of places where you will live and visit. Add symbols of the things you will have in your new life.
  • If you want to move to Scotland, get some travel brochures and cut-out pictures of the Scottish Highlands, unicorns and ancient ruins. Cut out a piece of tartan fabric, get a tartan ribbon, and add it to your board. Put it in a prominent place so you can always see it. Stop and admire it. 
Moving from Australia to Scotland in the UK
Moving from Australia (right) to Scotland (left)

Be Specific

  • Think of the details and do some research about how to move to Scotland. Identify where you might live, how much it will cost, and the things you will do.  
  • Visit a real estate site and look at the rooms’ photos and the view through the windows. Take screenshots and create a collage for your vision board. 
  • Go onto Google Earth. Visit Google maps, and switch to satellite view and street view. Walk the streets and nearby places.   
  • Visit a travel site. What activities can you do in your new city? What day trips and holidays will you take? Where can you fly from your new homeland? How much are flights and accommodation for a week away? Europe from Edinburgh for £99 (including a 1-hour each-way return flight and 3 nights accommodation) sounds great (versus $1,500 and a 21-hour each-way return flight from Australia).
  • Add more images and words to your vision board. Successful manifesting is about the details. Add detailed images. Images of Glasgow City and the Scottish Highlands.

Make a Plan

  • Be even more specific. Create an action plan. Make a list of what you have to do. Don’t worry about whether you have the money or resources. Imagine you are planning for real and that you can take action once the plan is complete. 
  • Create a timeline of when you have to do things. This will show you how long it will take to achieve your dream. Weeks? Months? Years?
  • If you know what it is you must do to be able to take action, and then you can make changes in your life to achieve these things. 
  • If you need £3,000, brainstorm ways to reach your target. Be creative and include way-out things like lottery wins and new jobs. 
  • Know that anything is possible. Trust the Universe. The vibrations of your beliefs and the power of your intentions will attract the resources you need to achieve your dream. 

Use Affirmations

  • Create a statement that paints a picture of your desired reality. Write it in the present tense. Read it daily, even several times a day. Rewrite it. Feel the truth in your words. Believe in your dream and in your vision. Here’s an example…

My life in Scotland is everything I dreamed it would be. My home overlooks the waterfall, and the squirrels play on the branches. I enjoy driving through the Highlands. I feel the sun on my skin in summer and enjoy evening walks with longer days. I crunch the autumn leaves. In winter, I relax in the silence that snow brings. Spring brings baby animals and beautiful, clear blue skies. I hear bagpipes, touch tartan and smell whisky. I’m getting ready for a weekend in Europe. I love living in Scotland. 

Manifesting a move Glencoe Scotland
Glencoe, Scotland

Watch & Listen

  • Watch movies and TV shows set in the country where you want to live. We watched the TV show Outlander, a period drama with time travel set in the Scottish Highlands. We also watched movies and documentaries set in and based in Scotland. YouTube has some fantastic videos, including drone footage of the Highlands and Islands.
  • Listen to music that puts you there. Bear McCreary is one of my favourite musical composers. He is also the master behind the soundtracks for Outlander. You can hear the dance and song of Scotland, bagpipes at times and at other times, the solitude of the land. 

Use Financial Windfalls

  • After working in the Australian Public Service for about 15 years, we both accepted voluntary redundancies. We thought about using the money to achieve some of our dreams, including moving overseas. We just didn’t realise it would be so soon.
  • We worked and saved hard. We reduced our cost of living and sold most of our possessions in the lead-up to relocating to Scotland. If it weren’t for the redundancies, we wouldn’t have reached our financial goals as soon as we did.

Be Change Happy

We relocated our family from Canberra to the Gold Coast in Australia. New address. New groove. We had moved about quite a bit with the kids, so they were used to moving. The kids started in new schools, and we started our own business, working together and for ourselves. Everyone was busy creating new routines, making new habits and enjoying new experiences. 

Desire Freedom

  • We wanted more freedom in our lives. Greater freedom and choice. We wanted to live where we wanted to, without having to wait until we were too old to enjoy it. We wanted to start living our best possible lives instead of just plodding along. We thought there were good reasons not to move overseas. But when we tuned into our feelings, we realised…
  • We are more than just children who love our parents. We are more than just parents who love our children. We are individuals who love life, with a beautiful life to live. So live. Where you want. Now. 

Live Without Regrets

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. 

Mark Twain

When you lose people you love, you realise that you have the gift of now; that is why it’s called the present. There may not be a one-day. Don’t be found on your last day with avoidable regrets. Live life now. 

Maintain a Positive Mindset

  • Your well-being depends on how you manage your thoughts, feelings and relationships. The places and spaces around you also play a big part in your happiness.
  • positive mindset (thoughts, opinions, beliefs) and attitude (behaviour, actions, reactions) will help you manifest your ideal life and your move to Scotland. Maintain a positive attitude and mindset, and you will succeed.
  • Believe in yourself and your dreams and that anything is possible. Even fighting dinosaurs.
Anything is possible fight a dinosaur
Anything is possible (salt pans of Bolivia)

Manifest Moving to Scotland (in 24 hours or less)

You can get started straight away.

  • Share your Dream – Tell a significant other, your best friend, and your mirror reflection that you are moving to Scotland. Ask them to help you manifest moving to Scotland. Do they have any suggestions? Do they know anyone who can help?
  • Recreate the Atmosphere – Go for a walk in the rain and cold if it gets cold. Stand on a hill and let the wind blow your hair vertically. Get a tartan cushion cover. Put a whisky bottle in plain sight. Listen to street buskers playing the bagpipes. Get a Scotland coffee-table book. Buy some authentic Scottish Shortbread biscuits (Walkers). Choose the best-looking tin and use it when it’s empty to store your affirmations (papers).
  • Establish a Physical Connection – Join a Scotland Facebook group. Talk to Scots and Scots-at-heart. Leave a comment on this post.
  • Imagine & Visualise – Save some images from the internet and, keep them on your phone, print them out. Draw what you imagine. Close your eyes and be in Scotland. The Scottish flag (St Andrew’s Cross) is blue and white. Think of Scotland when you see these colours together.
  • Be Specific – Tell your travel buddy when you’re moving. 2025? Within 5 years? Where will you live? Nothing is absolute. It’s okay to change your mind.
  • Make a Plan – Start writing, typing and drawing. Do some research. Can you get a visa?
  • Use Affirmations – Make or find some words that resonate with you. Start today.
  • Watch & Listen – Find movies about or filmed in Scotland. There are more than 5,000 movies filmed in Scotland, according to IMDB. Start with Outlander. Download the Outlander soundtrack by Bear McCreary.
  • Use Financial Windfalls – If you get paid more than expected, find money on the ground, get cash for a present, and put it in a separate bank account or savings jar.
  • Be Change Happy – Let it pass over you like water off a duck’s back when change happens. Be happy that you are going with the flow. Practice for those big challenges when change is all around.
  • Desire Freedom – Seek opportunities to do what you want, when you want. Even if it’s only for a short time. Even 15 minutes of doing what you want will allow you to taste freedom and want more.
  • Live Without Regrets – Make a decision to do something you desire and do it. Don’t wait for one day. Tell somebody you love them. Tell somebody you’re moving to Scotland.
  • Maintain a Positive Mindset – Seek opportunities and focus on what can go right. Challenges are always strongest when you’re closest to your goal. Keep going. Believe you have everything you need to manifest moving to Scotland.

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