Glasgow City – New Year’s Day – 1 January 2019

Glasgow city

Glasgow city on the morning of New Year’s Day. Sunrise at 8:47 am. Sunset at 3:54 pm. The days are gradually getting longer.

We jumped in the car at about 8:45 am and set off for Glasgow City.

We walked around Glasgow City from about 9 am to 12 pm, taking photos as we walked from Hope Street across to the Necropolis (left to right of the city centre) and then from Cathedral Street down to Glasgow Green and the River Clyde (top to bottom of the city centre), and then back to our car in West George Street.

It was so beautiful and quiet. Hardly any people as most shops were closed and public transport was on holiday. Hogmanay (New Year) celebrations kept many in bed as well. We had a light one last night with only two drinks – a Vodka and tonic with orange juice, playing cards and a glass of Asti Martini champagne to see the bells in (midnight).

The weather was fantastic. About 7-10 degrees Celsius, with little to no wind and cloudless blue skies. Thanks to winter, there were more pigeons than seagulls.

Our detours included Morrison’s supermarket near Barrowland (for bananas, water and a toilet break) and the Grand Central Hotel (toilet break).

Hats off to Glasgow’s hard-working men and women who were out cleaning the streets early.

These are some of our favourite photos of the day …

Glasgow city
Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Glasgow Cathedral
St Vincent Street, Glasgow
Buchanan Street, Glasgow

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