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Claws and Stilettos: They Call me Bear

You know when you are sweet and sympathetic but then suddenly find yourself responsible for somebody’s tears or trembles? That’s me – sometimes. I’m known to go from gorgeous to grizzly and back again in 10 seconds or less. The men in my life have the scars to show for it. It’s a gift. I thank my bear spirit for showing me the way.


Bears, Honey and Bees

These are the main reasons why Bears and I stick together like honey and bees…

1. Bear spirit guide

The Bear is my main animal totem (spirit guide), providing me with the gifts of strength, introspection, knowledge, natural healing, Dreamtime and transformation.

2. Bear animal totem

The bear is the Native American animal totem for Virgo (my Western astrological sign).

3. Introspection

Like the bear, I need to be alone from time to time, to ponder and reflect, to examine my thoughts and emotions, and consider my life’s journey.

4. Trees and Universal Light

It is said that bears are linked to trees (the natural antennas joining the heavens and the Earth) and that they have ties to the seven colour rays of the Universal Light, as well as Lunar associations. I feel magical when I’m immersed in nature, away from the concrete jungle. I’ve also been known to hug the odd tree or two. I recommend the Ringing Cedars books to understand the concept of light rays.

5. Instinct

I have faith in the combined power of my conscious and subconscious thoughts to reveal the answers to my questions. I usually achieve success by trusting my gut and following my instincts.

6. Gorgeous to grizzly

Like a bear, I can sometimes be overconfident and too quick to act. I’ve been known to go from gorgeous to grizzly and back again in 10 seconds or less. I know that my pride can be my downfall, so I work to be cautious and diplomatic – especially around those who may not appreciate my direct manner.

7. Tough love

I get the whole concept of how it’s possible for mothers to eat their young. Especially when the kids are going off the deep end. I brought them into this world; surely I can take them out. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of tough love. While I’m at it, I don’t mind standing up to the male kin while I’m in a fighting mood. 3, 2, 1… but it doesn’t last too long.

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