7 Actions for a Beautiful Life


In no particular order, these 7 actions and behaviours help me get through life in one piece – happy for my present, my past and my future.

1. Be honest

I speak my mind – usually with the best of intentions – knowing that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better or be shown to be broken before they get fixed.

2. Seek what you most desire

I walk the path of a modern woman living holistically in a chaotic world, striving to be independent, nurturing, creative and, at the same time, embracing my unique gifts. I am a seeker of the way with broad interests, including new age philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality, science and technology, history and futures studies, positive psychology and the human condition. I draw inspiration from virtually anything.

3. Laugh & Cry

I laugh (and cry) often and strive to seek the lessons and appreciate the moments of bliss that are offered to me. I laugh at myself more than I laugh at others. There’s always a bright side of life (aka the flip side). I am easily amused but not easily impressed.

I have a dark side (because I’m human). I’ve experienced some fairly extreme highs and lows in my life (personally and as a result of my employment). I’ve seen death, given birth (four times) and attempted to cope with everything in between – with and without the help of others. I believe that there cannot be light without darkness or love without the contrast of loneliness or loss.

4. Change when necessary

I love change, feel comfortable with chaos and am a bit of an intellectual hybrid between Houdini and Edward de Bono. I love to think and imagine the possibilities of a situation – creatively and with a view to excitement. I enjoy challenging the status quo and critically and optimistically assessing a situation to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. I usually have multiple escape plans ready – just in case…

5. Respect others and self

I believe demonstrating respect for an individual’s unique contributions (skills, experience, values and views – whether helpful or confrontational) is everything. Personalities are like fingerprints. I don’t think there is another one quite like yours or mine. We all leave our unique mark and make an impact on the lives of others, that of Mother Earth and within the Universal Logos.

6. Live intentionally

I am fully aware of my mortal existence, and I have chosen to live life in the present and not-too-distant future. I have big dreams, medium goals and reasonable action plans (in my humble opinion) for taking responsibility for my own happiness and that of my inner circle of loved ones. My belief system is open and flexible. I often integrate ideas and concepts from various schools of thought into my knowledge and consideration bank.

It is my intention that I:

Experience a harmonious lifestyle

Experience health and energy that leads me to creative adventures

Be well provided for – that shelter and food and all of the things that I need to experience life – be given to me in great abundance

And that I pass this great abundance on and share it with others.

7. Be grateful & Give back

I value my existence each and every day and thank the Higher Power for providing me with the opportunities I have in this lifetime to live consciously.

My gifts to the world and my loved ones have emerged from more than four decades of living life to its fullest, pushing boundaries, being lucky or learning the hard way and encouraging change and continuous improvement in my personal, family, work and business situations.

The list goes on…

What are your key actions/principles for living a beautiful life?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below…

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